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Fast, Reliable Internet for Apia


The Internet you need,  The price you can Afford, The Amazing Experience you Deserve

NetVo is Samoa’s network.  An advanced 4G LTE system to deliver high-speed data for home, business and personal applications.

We’re a different kind of network.  We believe the Internet empowers each of us.  It empowers us to build our businesses and our economy, to learn new trades and create new jobs in Samoa.  The Internet empowers our students to learn, to research and to develop the skills they need to compete effectively in the job market.  The Internet empowers families to stay in contact through social media, affordable calling applications, photos, video conferencing and more.

What will you notice that’s different about us?

  1. Friendly, knowledgeable customer service.  Its the basis for everything we do here at NetVo.  Take care of our customers.
  2. The fastest upload and download speeds on island today.
  3. Best value pricing plans. We are committed to making Internet service affordable for our people so we pass the savings on to our customers wherever we can.
  4. We don’t block applications.  Its your Internet.  Use it how you want.  We don’t block Skype, Viber or other applications to try to force you to pay for expensive international calling.

Its a different way to do business.  A different way of thinking about information.

Sound amazing?  Amazing is what we do.



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